Commercial Service | Automatic Delivery of Petroleum Products

Automatic Delivery

Feel reassured all year round!

To save you time and trouble managing your fuel supply, Pepco has set up a computer system that tracks your consumption of petroleum products (fuel oil, DEF, urea, gasoline, lubricants, etc.). We determine the delivery frequency depending on your needs, and it can be readjusted at any time. Your products will then be sent to the desired address, without no need to call us.

Automatic delivery has several benefits:

  • It helps you avoid failures and stops
  • It means you don’t have to pay surcharges for urgent delivery
  • It lets you spread your costs over the course of a year, enabling you to set a budget

By choosing Pepco, you’re opting for products whose quality exceeds that of our cheaper competitors.

Our premium products have several advantages for your company and the environment:

Our products offer a better fuel value per liter. This means you need less fuel to run your vehicles and machinery, so you’ll save money by consuming fewer liters.

Your equipment will last longer, with less frequent failures.

Burning it causes less pollution.

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