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Économie énergique

Have an oil-­fired central heating system? Save money with a bi-­energy system!

Are you heating with oil, but hesitant to switch to an all-electric system? Think it over carefully, because switching to all-electric heating could cost you big. With Quebec’s cold winters, a bi-energy system is a great option that can deliver the best savings and superior comfort. Find out why!


Colouring Book: A Day in Peppy’s Life

You may download our colouring book, print it out for your children to colour and discover a typical day in Peppy’s life.


Propane Truck Arrives in New Brunswick

Pepco in New Brunswick got its first propane truck in late January of this year. We are so excited to have this asset in our fleet and look forward to the continued growth in this sector of our business. Driver Stephen Crane is joining our team to fill the seat as our first certified propane driver in New Brunswick. Stephen comes with several years of experience in propane and fuel oil delivery.


New Brunswick Ice Storm

Late January of this year we had a very large and lengthy period of freezing rain that covered most of New Brunswick. The storm knocked out power for over 130,000 NB Power customers in the province. It was the second worst event in the history of the province. The hardest hit was the North Eastern region where power poles were snapped in and fell like domino's. In the City of Miramichi, there were widespread power outages for over a week.


Pepco is a proud sponsor of Storm Soccer Club in Nova Scotia

Pepco is a proud sponsor of Storm Soccer Club which has members from Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage, Porters Lake and Waverly in Nova Scotia. Storm was formed as a community soccer program to help young players to be able to play affordable, high caliber soccer, and learn from experienced and certified coaches. Now, just like the Premier League, Storm Soccer is going to have sponsors on the front of their game jerseys!

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Pepco is there to help optimize your energy use. This blog offers numerous tips to help with the day-to-day running of your heating system (heat pump, furnace or boiler), your air conditioning, your fuel use and your overall energy efficiency.

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