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Parade of Lights

Congratulations to Pepco Thunder Bay who pledged a financial contribution to the 18th edition of the Parade of Lights that was held on Saturday, December 3, 2016. This traditional event which is organized by the Thunder Bay Police Association, brings together nearly 100 floats that walk the route collecting donations, which are turned over to local charities.


Christmas Train

Pepco is thrilled to be organizing the traditional Christmas Train again this year, in partnership with Les Médias de l’Épinette Noire Inc. and with the collaboration of Ontario Northland Transportation Commission. Children aged 3 to 8 years old from Hearst, Mattice-Val côté and Constance Lake will have the chance to meet Santa and his elves in exchange of a non-perishable item. This enjoyable event helps supply the food bank Le Samaritain du Nord with food during the holidays.

Trucs et conseils

9 advantages of furnace oil

Oil heat is the safest, most efficient means to heat a home or business. Fuel oil is a very stable, non-explosive, combustible product. It addresses some of the safety concerns other fuels. The high BTU content found in a litre of oil results in the efficiency verses an equal measure of electricity, propane or natural gas.

Ma maison

Propane safety tips for your home

Regular inspections should only be made by qualified professionals. This is to reduce the risk of leaks or malfunctions and carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion or plugged / improperly vented appliances. Systems should be checked regularly. Regular inspections should only be made by qualified professionals.

Trucs et conseils

Carbon Monoxide Facts

Carbon Monoxide is commonly known as CO and is a colorless, odorless and tasteless toxic gas. Propane appliances, along with other fuel-burning appliances, present a risk of carbon dioxide (CO) poisoning if not installed, operated, vented or maintained properly. High levels of CO can be generated by appliances that are defective or improperly installed or maintained. It can also enter a home if the chimney or venting system is blocked.

The daily PeP

Pepco is there to help optimize your energy use. This blog offers numerous tips to help with the day-to-day running of your heating system (heat pump, furnace or boiler), your air conditioning, your fuel use and your overall energy efficiency.

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