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How do I ensure I’m getting a fair price?

This is the single most frequently asked question. We would like to point out that we are referring to a "fair price" and not the "best price". This is a very important distinction because of different market dynamics; no distributor always has the best price. The important thing is that you get the best deal over a period of time; this is what we are referring as "a fair price".


Is heating fuel oil safe?

Heating fuel oil is the safest fuel to heat your home. Heating oil is not explosive like other residential fuels that are widely distributed. In fact, heating fuel oil will extinguish a lit match just like water. It will comfort you to know that heating fuel oil is non-toxic and noncarcinogenic. In addition, heating fuel oil presents far less risks of carbon monoxide intoxication compared to other residential fuels.


Is heating oil environmentally friendly?

Heating oil burns at a 99.9% rate and new heating equipment ranges between 85% and about 94% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). So if your furnace has a rating of 94% AFUE, it means that for every dollar you spend on heating oil, 94 cents is converted into heat and 6 cents is lost through the exhaust. This makes your heating fuel oil appliance one of the most important aspects to heat your home efficiently.

Trucs et conseils

Are there different types of heating fuel oil?

Number 1 fuel oil or stove oil, as it is commonly know is a volatile distillate intended for vaporizing pot-type burners. It is the kerosene refinery cut that boils off right after the heavy naphtha. Number 2 fuel oil or heating oil, as it is commonly known is a distillate home heating oil that is very similar to diesel fuel used in trucks.

Trucs et conseils

What is engine sludge?

Engine sludge is capable of ruining engines. It has in fact ruined thousands of car engines and repairs can be very expensive. Engine sludge is caused by engine oil that eventually breaks down and captures particles that transform into a sticky, gel-like substance that covers the inside of your engine. Sludge retains heat and puts severe strain on the mechanical parts of your vehicle.

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