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Why you should keep your heating oil tank full during the summer?

When an oil tank is partly full in the hot summer, the air pocket inside the tank can form condensation. This condensation is formed because it is cooler inside the tank then outside. Two major problems can occur when condensation is formed inside an oil tank. The condensed water can create corrosion in the tank and lead to breakdowns.

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Air conditioners vs. heat pumps. Which is best in the Greater Montreal Area?

Air conditioning systems and heat pumps can both cool down your home in the hot summer months. The difference with a heat pump is that it can also heat your home in the colder months. For more information on heat pumps please refer to our blog post: What is a heat pump, how does it work and how much can I save on energy costs?

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Why is my air conditioner frozen? What can I do to fix this issue?

It’s the warmest part of the summer and your outside air conditioner or heat pump is frozen like an igloo. And this is not a rare occurrence! So why is this happening? Numerous problems can cause your central air conditioner or heat pump to freeze up and they consist of the following. There might be interference with the air flow.

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What does AFUE mean?

AFUE (pronounced A-Few) stands for "Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency”. AFUE is a rating used for the combustion efficiency of heating systems such as furnaces, boilers or water heaters that operate with fossil fuels like natural gas and heating oil. AFUE is rated as a percentage to determine how efficient heating equipment is.

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How many tons does my air conditioner need for my home?

As mentioned in a previous blog post, tons in air conditioners or heat pumps represent the capacity units are able to cool a building. Many factors can influence the number of tons required in a system in order to be able to operate efficiently. Some of these factors include the climate, height of ceilings, south facing windows, whether the windows are old or new and if the insulation is good quality or in good shape.

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