Commercial Service | On-Site Refueling

On-Site Refueling

Let us fill it up for you!

If the location of your operations does not allow a fixed tank to be installed, or if you want to do without managing your own fuel supply, Pepco will gladly take care of the refueling for your vehicles and equipment. We’ll go wherever you need!

This service has several benefits, both for productivity and for the environment:

  • It helps increase the performance of your company, equipment, and vehicles, which are ready for your employees when they arrive
  • It reduces the time spent stopped at gas pumps during trips
  • It avoids accidental fuel spills
  • It represents an environmentally friendly solution, as your entire fleet no longer needs to travel to the refueling site.
  • It has scanning capabilities allowing for easy monitoring of fuel consumption on each piece of your equipment.

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