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Pepco is now a Shell Lubricants Master Certified Distributor

With our continued commitment to supporting, enhancing and improving Pepco’s products and services for our valued customers, we are very pleased to announce an exciting change for the Pepco family as of December 1, 2017.

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Longlac Lumber

Forestry Sector

"Pepco has been ensuring our procurement of fuels, lubricants, industrial supplies and bearings/power transmissions for the past year. Whether during a visit or a weekly delivery, Pepco knows how to put forward different proposals to every situation and provides us with a constant accompaniment in all our operations. Our company counts 150 employees and a simple run-out could cause a disruption of operations. Pepco provides us with a piece of mind with an on-site refueling service, among other things. A personalized service, high quality products and engaged employees are what makes Pepco a unique supplier."

Marcel Pelletier, Manager of Longlac Lumber

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