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Preventive Maintenance of Equipment

With Pepco, comfort in your spaces
will never be a problem again!

To ensure that your heating and air conditioning system works all year round, you need to keep it properly maintained.

That’s why Pepco has designed different annual insurance and maintenance plans that include inspection, cleaning, and upkeep for your equipment, as well as the replacement of certain parts at no cost. Our plans even cover electrical and oil-fired water heaters, unlike many other suppliers. What’s more, we honour all manufacturer warranties for the products we distribute.

As customer satisfaction remains our priority, we offer 24/7 emergency repair service for the entire Greater Montreal region. Our team of specialists, including plumbers, heating technicians, and refrigeration experts, will pull out all the stops to make your equipment functional again as soon as possible.

Our maintenance service in brief

  • Annual plans that match your needs
  • 24/7 service
  • Will travel anywhere in the Greater Montreal area

Distributed in the following areas:






Who’s it for?

All customers who have purchased a heating system from us


All customers who have purchased an air conditioning system from us


All customers who have purchased a heat pump from us


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