Shell Lubricants Q&A


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Shell Lubricants Q&A

Will Pepco continue to offer Mobil lubes?

Pepco will continue to supply its customers with a wide variety of products tailored to suit their equipment's unique applications. The Shell products line will meet all of the requirements of these applications. Mobil products will no longer be offered by Pepco.

How will I know what Shell product to use?

Your Pepco B2B Advisor will gladly share insights from a lubricants cross reference chart that was put together especially for our customers with Shell Lubricants. Equivalent products can easily be found through our website at starting December 1.

Will my price change?

Your total lubricants cost with Pepco should not increase as a result of this transition, as Pepco is committed to maintaining the fair and competitive pricing that you are used to.

Will my billing change in any way?

No, the ways that you do business with Pepco are not af fected at all by this change in supplier.

Will the delivery process change?

No, the ways that you do business with Pepco are not af fected at all by this change in supplier.

How is the customer service going to be affected?

The ways that you do business with Pepco are not af fected at all by this change in supplier.

How will this affect the expertise of your employees to provide advice and make recommendations?

If anything, it will improve it. Pepco already has a dedicated, versatile and knowledgeable outside sales force, inside sales team, and customer service department, eager to assist you. You will continue to be served diligently by the Pepco team that you are used to dealing with. Furthermore, Shell Canada has deployed an unprecedented level of expert technical support, including field resources, to assist you and to address any and all applications, present and future.

When will the change take effect?

This is a running change, Pepco will replace Mobil products with the appropriate Shell equivalents as inventory runs out.

Can I mix Shell products with Mobil products?

In most applications, mixing product is fine. Your B2B Advisor will contact customers with products that have specific changeover procedures to ensure a smooth transition.

Are Shell products the same quality as Mobil?

Shell has been the world’s leader in lubricants for 11 consecutive years and counting. Shell Lubricants’ reputation is well-established, so much so that some of its product families have become brands on their own, like the Rotella Heavy Duty Engine Oil, for instance. Shell has one of the most extensive catalogues of Lubricants to offer.

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