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Pepco is now a Shell Lubricants Master Certified Distributor

With our continued commitment to supporting, enhancing and improving Pepco’s products and services for our valued customers, we are very pleased to announce an exciting change for the Pepco family as of December 1, 2017.

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Team Leaders

Luc Pepin

Luc Pepin

Chief Executive Officer

"I think it’s important to always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and I never forget that without our customers, we’d be out of business!”

A visionary leader who is passionate about management and technology, Luc Pepin, CEO of Pepco, took leadership of the team with great enthusiasm, while making sure to preserve the family values instilled by his father, Jean-Guy Pepin. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he has developed an in depth knowledge of his company and the energy sector, not to mention a wide range of skills which he learned by working in almost every position at the company: customer service, logistics, consulting, delivery manager, and health and safety manager.

As a leader, Luc Pepin successfully built on the solid foundations established by his father to grow his company from just seven employees in 2010 to more than 300 in 2017, making Pepco one of Canada’s fastest growing companies (2016 PROFIT 500 list).

Jean-guy Pepin

Jean-Guy Pepin


"The only way to succeed in business, whether we’re talking about a family business or not, is through teamwork. Everyone has to keep focusing on their own department. Essentially, trust has to be established and maintained.”

Jean-Guy Pepin, President of Pepco, got his start in the petroleum industry as a deliveryman for René Lacroix Compagnie, a Texaco distributor. After having worked there for six years, he made the decision to buy the company in 1986.

The company gradually made the shift to becoming an Esso distributor and adopted the name Pepco, an amalgamation of Jean-Guy’s and his wife Nicole’s last names, Pepin and Côté. Even at the time, Jean-Guy wanted to make an impression with a name that had some pep! After deciding on a name, he worked on solidifying the company’s brand image, with a logo designed by two of his team members and the selection of vibrant colours in the early 2000s.

Over the years, Jean-Guy has developed proven expertise in the energy sector, having held virtually every possible position during his journey: fuel driver, dispatcher, payroll clerk, accounts payable clerk, accounts receivable clerk, mechanic, etc. As the man behind Pepco’s solid foundation, it’s only natural that Jean-Guy should now act as a consultant to the company he founded. His motto? Teamwork!

Denis Pepin

Denis Pepin

Vice President of Operations

"I love that there is always an opportunity to make the day better for one reason or another and that there are plenty of challenges, which we can figure the best way to tackle them as a team!”

Right after high school, Denis Pepin joined the Navy and worked as a Naval Electronic Technician for two years. Although he had worked within the Pepco company during his teenage years, he became an important ally to the Pepco team in 2004 with new acquired knowledge and experience. He went on to hold a great number of positions such as warehouse clerk, customer service agent, yard attendant, lubricant driver, local and long haul fuel driver.

With the growth of the company came new requirements. Denis therefore made the decision to trade his safety boots for a suit and tie. His daily presence was required to ensure management of operations and to allow Pepco to face challenges arising from this growth. His disciplinary approach and his expertise of every position of the Operations department are what led him to be Vice President of Operations at Pepco.


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