About Us

Pepco has been energizing and optimizing your environment for almost 30 years.

More than a simple distributor of fuels, lubricants, industrial supplies, bearings/power transmissions, propane and HVAC, Pepco is a partner, providing you with the right solution for your needs and activities in the residential, industrial, mining, agricultural, construction and even transportation sectors. Going higher, going farther. We can give you the Pep you need!

Pepco’s four pillars

1. Energy in synergy

Pepco’s mission is to work in synergy with you to better optimize your energy consumption. As a long-term partner, our expert team can propose energy-saving solutions that are truly adapted to your needs.

2. Family values

From the beginning, Jean-Guy Pepin, the founder of Pepco, always held fast to his family values, no matter how big the company grew. Today’s Pepco, led by his sons, Luc and Denis, continues to stand out for the friendly service it provides and for the close relationships it maintains with clients. No matter how large the project, flexibility and personalized service is always a priority.

3. A global, scalable and adapted offer

In your home

Pepco provides the energy that enables millions of people to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Our comprehensive service offers includes everything from energy consumption evaluation to equipment maintenance and dual-energy heating systems.


At your company, factory, worksite

For commercial and industrial clients, Pepco offers a turnkey energy supply chain solution that ensures that your facilities are ready for action first thing in the morning. Whether you wish to maximize fuel consumption for your equipment or facilitate refuelling of your fleet, Pepco can take care of it all.

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4. Community engagement

Well-established in Greater Montreal and Northeastern Ontario, Pepco also has a social presence in the communities we serve. Our commitments to local and regional organizations fulfill our desire to be a responsible and dynamic corporate citizen. Pepco helps others fuel their dreams!

Here are some of the past and present organizations we've supported:

  • Ongoing support and fundraising activities for the Hearst Rotary Club.
  • Organization of the Santa Claus Express every year which enables us to distribute foodstuffs to food banks across the region.

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Our mission: Ensuring your sustainability

  • We fuel the trucks that carry groceries to the store.
  • We lubricate the mills that saw the lumber to build your house.
  • We distribute the industrial supplies that keep you safe.
  • We fuel the trains that transport your cars.
  • We deliver heating and cooling services that keep your family comfortable.
  • We support our communities.
  • We exist to ensure the continued comfort of your home, the sustainability of our communities, the seamless operation of your business and your transportation.
  • We deliver fuel to the boats that catch the fish you serve your family.
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